BTS — BE instant reaction

Here is my instant reaction to BTS’s new album:

Life goes on

Okay, not what I expected — for some reason. But I’m really digging the vibe on it. A sort of slow jam but still an anthem. Will have it on repeat for weeks!

Fly To My Room

Continuing the vibe from life goes on, I like it! Ooooh now this is a beat! Has got an almost gospel feel to it

Blue and grey

A very gentle and tender start. Continues the slower feel of the first two songs. I’m really enjoying this. I love the way it’s building slowly adding more instrumentation!


No idea what is being said. But they sound happy, good for BTS!


A bit of change of speed but I’m liking the funky feel. Makes you want to attempt to dance along.


This song just keeps growing and growing — until it becomes a complete bop at the end. The transition from slow burn to dance floor anthems continues!


After a gentler start it grows into full blown EDM-style beats. Makes you just want to get out of your seat — I dare you to sit still.


A song I’ve already listened to plenty of times — but it’s still a bop. And really fits in with the rest of the album.


I can’t wait to listen to it more! I really enjoy the way it progressed from the more introspective start all the way to the disco vibes of Dynamite.

Was worried that single wouldn’t fit at first — but it all works together extremely well!