Here is my instant reaction to BTS’s new album:

Life goes on

Okay, not what I expected — for some reason. But I’m really digging the vibe on it. A sort of slow jam but still an anthem. Will have it on repeat for weeks!

Fly To My Room

Continuing the vibe from life goes on, I like it! Ooooh now this is a beat! Has got an almost gospel feel to it

Blue and grey

A very gentle and tender start. Continues the slower feel of the first two songs. I’m really enjoying this. …

I have always been one of those people that absolutely adores Christmas.

As a child the appeal is obvious — a day when you get a bunch of brand new toys, what is not to love!

But as I grew older, I began to appreciate the festive season as a whole.

From the first moments you spot the Christmas labels on products in shops, all the way to devouring the turkey.

However, one of my absolute favourite parts about the month plus of Yuletide was catching the cheesy festive films.

You know the ones I mean, the 80/90 minute features…

To my past self,

If my memory isn’t failing me, and at 26 I hope to God it isn’t quite yet, you will have woken up super early on this results day.

You will have got back from the Scouts bike trip to Holland, when the older guys got their A-Level grades, a few days ago.

It was the summer you had also done your Duke of Edinburgh silver expedition — and were probably in your best shape then, so far in life at least (sorry spoiler alert).

I remember being nervous that day, which I mean obviously makes sense…

What do you think of when you hear the word animation?

You might picture a Disney princess with a magical creature.

Or perhaps one of Pixar’s many wonderful creations. Does Wall-E roll into your mind’s eye?

Probably the last thing that comes to mind is a quaint meditation on nostalgia and the imprint that childhood leaves on us all.

No that is usually reserved for live-action movies — the kind that would possibly be dismissed as a ‘Sundance’ film.

Yet that is what Only Yesterday is about.

There are no fantastic beasts. No heroic quests. Just a woman in her…

Did Kiki’s Delivery Service predict the rise of the gig economy?

If not it certainly felt that way while watching it in 2020.

Perhaps if I’d watched it as a kid, I would have seen it as just a fun adventure about growing up and being a witch.

And considering how much of a Harry Potter nerd I was growing up that would have been plenty enough for me.

I can only imagine how little Matt’s imagination would have loved to have seen this movie.

It would have given me an excuse to pretend I was flying around my room…

I can’t seem to find the words to say anything about this movie.

And trust me I tried.

I’ve been attempting to write this review for pretty much three weeks now.

Yet I haven’t been able to find a way to verbalise my thoughts about this wonderful masterpiece.

Perhaps it’s because everything that could have ever been said about My Neighbour Totoro probably already has. By far better writers than yours truly.

Even now I’m struggling to this out to a length that is worth someone actually reading it.

But mainly I wish I could find a way of explaining…

This is the sort of movie I’m jealous I didn’t get to see as a kid.

I suspect this is a sentiment I will end up writing more than a few times as I’m carried on the winds through Studio Ghibli’s filmography.

But Castle in the Sky has everything little me (and well adult me) would have adored in a film and would have re-watched over and over — in between episodes of Power Rangers of course.

It is an absolute smorgasbord of imagination.

So if you are thinking of tucking in but want to know what is on the…

They say the third time is a charm.

So let’s hope it is the case here — because I’m not sure how many more times I can resurrect this blog.

If it was a cat it would already be on to its third life.

Having lived a brief life in 2018, I gave up on the blog because time and such excuses.

In its second life it lasted about two days. So by the law of return it probably should last an even shorter time in its third incarnation.

But I solemnly swear to give it a good shot this…

Soundtrack to this piece: Spanish Love Songs — Brave Faces Everyone

In the end it always comes back to that assembly in primary school.

That’s when I know this bout of anxiety is legit, when it’s time to strap in for the ride.

See if the tide is rising in my mind and the thoughts are beginning to spiral, this brain of mine will dredge up that old memory.

I was tempted to include a Nickleback pun here but it isn’t a photograph or a still image hazily reforming in my brain.

Not to open old wounds but it has now been 8 months, 3 weeks and 6 days since Game of Thrones came to an end. Approximately.

Lucky for you, I’m not here to gripe about how that shaggy dragon turned mega-blockbuster limped over the finish line.

See I got all the moaning out of my system by complaining about a very dumb show on Netflix called The Stranger. (Shameless plug I know).

No today dear audience — is it too much to hope that there is more than one of you? …

Matthew Mohan-Hickson

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